"Standing on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro,
watching the sunrise, wind in our hair..."
February 2003

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we conquered our own will and bodies as much as the Crown of Africa at its highest peak, the Uhuru summit, 19,340'. On a starlit, steep and icy final ascent, our six-person team made the ambitious effort to beat the new day.

Somehow, the challenge was met and we managed to be on the very top of the continent at the precise moment of sunrise. Daybreak from on high with Kili below our frozen toes is an experience unmatched. Not only is the penumbra to the west an awesome sight, but the misted and cloud-strewn eastern curving horizon cloaked in its regal purple mantle waxing to actinic yellow a blessed metamorphosis to behold. As eye witnesses to dawn's reflection on the enchanted silver snows of Kilimanjaro, and having that satisfaction of peak accomplishment, we can proudly say that our sterling shall glow brighter, and by extension - that of our family, friends and the greater community.

Dr. David and Tamar Rosen
Har Nof, Jerusalem

Years [ago], before returning to my Jewish roots, I spent 28 days walking around the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal. Since taking on the practices of an observant Jewish lifestyle, I had begun to think that I would never be able to complete a trek like that again.

Using our walking poles and fishing line, Mordy and Yedidya encircled the camp with an eruv, to the bewilderment of our many porters, who had already observed in astonishment as we wrapped teffilin and tallit each morning, turned north to Jerusalem and shukkled and bowed.

Washed and primped as best we could, we gathered in our dining tent to welcome Shabbat. One member of the group produced a clean, fresh, nearly pressed white shirt. We sat in our nylon abode, lit candles, sang songs, made kiddush and blessed our tasty, if someone weighty, challah. The light faded, the stars sparkled overhead, and I felt the inner warmth of our tradition permeate the camp.

Inside Magazine (Philadelphia)
Summer 2003


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