Otter Trail (South Africa)

Rugged Beauty

This 5-day trek is one of the most beautiful and acclaimed in South Africa, with exquisite views of the Eastern Cape. We'll be hiking at a very moderate pace, taking our time as we ford rivers, swim in tidal pools, and (with luck!) see monkeys, baboons, antelope and a rich variety of birdlife along the way. Accommodation is in unserviced huts, so we'll need to carry our own bedding and food. Shabbat will be in Nature's Valley, a lovely small settlement at the western end of the Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park. We complete our journey with an unforgettable 2-day safari.

Duration: 7 days (5 days of trekking) including 1 Shabbat

Trekking Grade: Level 3 / Demanding

Size of group: 4 to 12

Food: Our daily fare will include hot, certified kosher prepared dinners supplemented with fresh garden salads. Breakfasts will include cereals, milk, fruit, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. For lunch - fresh garden salad, bread and hot beverages.

Point of departure and return: Cape Town, South Africa

Land Price: TBD

For an application form or further information regarding this trek or customized treks, please contact us. We'll provide an equipment list with the application form.


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