Yam L'Yam (Israel)

From Sea (Mediterranean) to Shining Sea (Kinneret)

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There's a unique satisfaction in hiking the entire breadth of a country - and in Israel one can do it in just three days. Our journey begins on the coast of the Mediterranean, north of Nahariya, and concludes at the shores of the Kinneret, north of Teveria.

The route will take us through nature reserves, archeological remains of milestone epochs in the Land's history, some of Israel's best vantage points and arguably the most beautiful section of the trans-Israel trail. Both nights' accommodations will be in two of the Galil's prime communities - Kefar Veradim and Moshav Amirim. This trek, rated easy/moderate, is ideal for families - and indeed for anyone looking for a refreshing way to experience the Land of Israel.

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Trekking Grade: 2 / Easy-to-Moderate

Maximum Altitude: 800 meters

Size of group: 4 to 12

Staff: Koshertreks group leader

Food: Provided by local kosher restaurants and caterers.

Point of departure and return: Jerusalem
Land Price: For price information - please contact Koshertreks directly.
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