Julian Alps (Slovenia)

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The Julian Alps' natural variety and beauty rival those of the mountains in the far more heavily trekked neighboring Italy and Switzerland - at lower cost. A trek in the Julian Alps will reward you with breath-taking views of steep rock faces plunging into forests and flower-strewn meadows; stunning panoramas of majestic mountains from a lone trekkers' lodge improbably perched on a limestone promontory (“How did it get there ?!”); lakes, rivers, beautiful pastures and the ever-present limestone – nature's sculpture gallery on display.
Our base camp is Bled, an as-yet-unspoiled lakeside village which is overlooked by a castle on a cliff, encircled  by a delightful promenade, with overhead air-traffic provided by an extended family of swans. From here we set off for a 3-day trek, return for Shabbat, and then again foray into the mountains for a 2-day finale.
Like our Dolomite Traverse, this too is a back-packing trek, and the two treks are comparable with regard to difficulty and altitude.
Duration: 6 days (5 days of trekking) including Shabbat in Bled
Trekking Grade: Level 3 / Demanding
Maximum Altitude: 2,800 meters / 9,250 feet
Size of group: 6 to 12
Food: Our daily fare will include pre-prepared, hot, certified Kosher dinners supplemented with fresh garden salads. Continental breakfasts are served by lodges, and include cereals, milk, fruit, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. For lunch - fresh salad, bread and hot beverages. See our Kashrut page.
Point of departure and return:    Ljubljana, Slovenia
Land Price: $1,000
Price includes guide(s), food and accommodations on the trek and on Shabbat (excluding soft drinks and alcohol), and all land travel between Bled and the airport and trail-heads.
Note: Gratuities are not included.
For an application form or further information regarding this trek or customized treks, please contact us.
We’ll provide an equipment list with the application form.



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