As our name indicates, we take kashrut seriously. We believe that keeping kosher should not prevent us from seeing the world, and that seeing the world should not prevent us from keeping kosher. Traveling to unusual and remote destinations while maintaining impeccable standards requires creativity and a variety of culinary solutions.

Our repertoire of responses to the multiple kashrut challenges which arise include:

1) carrying in certified kosher, fully prepared meals in vacuum-sealed pouches, as well as other certified kosher items (e.g. cheese and bread)

2) preparing and cooking strictly vegetarian meals in our own cookware

3) availing ourselves of cold, pareve food items (e.g. breakfast cereals, tuna, etc.)

4) preparing fresh vegetable salads with local produce

Note: fresh dairy products will usually be available, but for understandable reasons will not be chalav Yisrael.

We will be happy to answer questions about our kashrut arrangements on any specific route.


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