Escalante Canyon (Utah)

You're looking for true wilderness, away from the RVs and crowds. You seek a place of exquisite, startling beauty to share with family or friends. You want unmediated nature, but also complete safety; a physical challenge, but one that doesn’t require exceptional physical fitness.

This is it.

The Escalante Canyon, in remote southern Utah, is a spectacular, virtually untouristed wilderness of sculptured slickrock, towering red cliffs, natural swimming holes, rock arches and twisting canyons. Outside Magazine considers it “one of the ten best treks in North America”. This summer we're offering two treks in this region far, far away from civilization. We'll hike, camp, ford and explore - accompanied by 2 local guides and a few llamas to help carry supplies. The treks are rated 1 in terms of difficulty (i.e. easy), and a perfect 10 for families, first-time trekkers, and anyone who wants to experience the natural beauty of the American Southwest at its most pristine.

Duration: 8 days (5 days of trekking)

Trekking Grade: Level 1/ Easy

Maximum Altitude: 2,140 meters / 7,000 feet

Size of group: 9 to 12

Food: Our daily fare will include delicious freshly prepared vegetarian fare as well as fish (trout and salmon) cooked and served in new utensils. On Shabbat we will have pre-prepared meat meals (rabbinic hechsher).

Point of departure and return:
Las Vegas (McCarran Int'l) Airport

Land Price: For price information - please contact Koshertreks directly.

For an application form or further information regarding this trek or customized treks, please contact us. We'll provide an equipment list with the application form.


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