Kackar Photo Album

The Kackar Range

In the remote northeast of Turkey, the Kackar Range boasts granite mountains patched by summer pastures where black bulls graze, and clear blue lakes, springs and streams.


This trek is a camping trip Ė all tents, new eating (and cooking) utensils and pack animals (for carrying all communal and personal equipment you donít need with you during the day) provided

Ah yes, the food!

Meals are vegetarian (including fish), are cooked fresh by an accompanying cook, and are filling and delicious !



The trek takes us through several rural villages, and allows us to hobnob with the locals during rest stops.

Mt. Kackar

Weather permitting, we ascend Mt. Kackar past beautiful Deniz Golu - a spectacular tarn nestled in the rocky terrain - to the 3,750-meter high summit, which rewards us with a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Kackar range  



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