Dolomites Traverse Photo Album

Don't forget to smell the flowers

The meadows are ablaze with a dazzling array of wild flowers, while the spires of what was a coral reef in prehistoric times beckon.

Over the Mountain and through the woods
The trek is at relatively low altitude (<2500m), but provides several challenging ascents - here through meadow ...

Over the mountain and through the woods
 ... and here up scree - probably the hardest segment
of the entire trek.

A room with a view
Our accommodations on the trek shall be in Refugi - mountain lodges - not all with hot showers ...

A room with a view
...but all with magnificent views !

An adventure for the whole family
Sharing the long days of trekking, the challenging climbs, the refugi lodgings and the stunning views make this a significant family experience to be recalled and cherished long afterwards.



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